SkyMagik Internet Services


Q: How do I update my website?

A: First, you need an account. One should have already been provided. Second, you need software to connect to our servers. Some people call this "FTP" software, even though we don't use (or support) the old-fashioned unencrypted FTP method. The correct type of software uses SecureFTP, SSH, OpenSSH, etc. If you are using Linux, Mac or Unix to develop your website, then OpenSSH is already available as a command-line tool. Alternatively, we also recommend FileZilla to use as a graphical file manager. If you are using Windows, simply download and install the FileZilla_X.Y.Z_win64-setup.exe package on your Windows machine. Please open a support ticket for more information on how to connect to our servers.

Q: Who handles domain registration and renewal?

A: In most cases, customers prefer that SkyMagik handles the yearly domain registration and renewal. If this option is right for you, then we become a "one stop shop" for hosting and domain registration. You only need to worry about receiving one invoice from one company (SkyMagik). In some rare cases, a customer with more extensive webmaster experience may be interested in using their own registrar. That's OK too! However, please keep in mind that we have a special pricing arrangement with a large registrar, so we can pass that savings on to you.

Q: What happens when my domain expires?

A: When a domain expires and is not renewed in a timely manner, it is possible to lose ownership of the domain forever. At this point, your website will stop working, or worse, may be replaced by a competitor website. If SkyMagik handles the domain registration, the SkyMagik staff will ensure the domain is renewed when it is due, leaving you to worry about other things.

Q: If I decide to handle my own domain registration, what are your nameservers?

A: Please open a support ticket and we will gladly provide you with this information.

Q: Do you support/provide Microsoft web services (IIS, MSSQL, etc)?

A: No. However we can accomodate small ASP websites.

Q: Are your email services HIPPA compliant?

A: We offer high levels of security. And we have the experience to meet or exceed most security and disaster recovery standards. However, due to the small size of our business, we currently do not have the legal sponsorship to ensure HIPPA compliance, nor do we claim to have any HIPPA compliant services or procedures in place at this time.

This page is a work in progress -- more to be added later.